Compostable Cups – Lids – Straws

compostable cups

Compostable cups are made from corn! This plant-based material is polylactic acid (PLA) also referred to as Ingeo. These cups are a great alternative to petroleum-based products. Intended for temperatures below 120 degrees, freezer safe, not microwavable, and will commercially compost within 90-120 days.

Compostable cold cup lids are also made from the same compostable poyactic acid (PLA) as our cold cups. For convenience, most cold lids fit cup sizes 9oz-24oz.

Our earth friendly straws are made from either paper or polylactic acid (PLA) also referred to as Ingeo. We offer numerous sizes in both length and diameter in both wrapped and unwrapped options.

Paper and textile products are biodegradable, but traditional plastics made from petroleum bases are not. Consumer packaging and disposable eating products made of new biodegradable plastics from corn and other plant bases have numerous environmental and efficiency advantages over non-biodegradable products.

Manufacturing of polylactic acid (PLA) saves oil. Biodegradable plastic production takes 65 percent less energy than petroleum-based plastics, making biodegradable plastics the top energy-efficient choice. Biodegradable plastic products are made from renewable resources like corn, sugar cane and potato starch instead of oil. 200,000 barrels of oil a day are used in the United States alone in the manufacture of plastic packaging.

Manufacturing biodegradable plastic products produces less pollution. Because the products can break back down into nontoxic components, they don’t cause dangerous chemical leachate that can poison water or pollute the air. Biodegradable plastic products produce 68 percent less greenhouse gasses than petroleum-based plastic products.

Composting biodegradable plastics along with traditional biodegradable paper products and yard, food and agricultural wastes can turn this trash into rich humic material, which can improve water and nutrient retention and help grow healthier plants with less need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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